Net Safety Covers

General Information:
A pool safety net offers some unique and desirable features as a solution to preventing infants and toddlers from entering the pool water
unseen or unheard. A pool safety net provides a safe, secure barrier while maximizing the available backyard space and preserving the view
and ambience of the swimming pool area. For over three decades the swimming pool safety net has been in used with hundreds of thousands
installed worldwide. The small squares are too small for a child's head or body to fit through and too large to allow them to walk, play, jump or
stabilize themselves on the pool safety net. One adult can remove or replace a typical swimming pool safety net in just a few minutes. A series
of pulleys is built into the center of the pool safety net. By loosening the pulley rope, the tension is released and the pool safety net is easily
removed. Just unhook the clips and roll the pool safety net onto the portable roller. Simply reverse this process to place the pool safety net back
onto the pool.

Safety, selection, savings and service are among the many reasons for you to put your confidence in your All-Safe® pool safety net dealer. Safety
is our number one concern and our swimming pool safety net products have been developed and tested to meet standards that will provide you
with only the highest quality. The All-Safe® pool safety net comes in a selection of styles and strengths with features that are unavailable
elsewhere. Our All-Safe® Ratchet and core-drilled anchors are among our unique features. An All-Safe® pool safety net estimator in you area
will be pleased to come to your pool to discuss your pool safety net needs with you and to show you why an All-Safe® pool safety net is the best
value. Your swimming pool safety net will be installed by trained professionals and will come with an outstanding warranty. You have made a
responsible decision in purchasing a safety barrier and a wise decision in choosing All-Safe®.
NET POOL COVER: Advantages
Pool nets are a desirable option in pool safety today. Pool safety nets have many advantages over other safety barriers and All-Safe pool nets
have many advantages over other brands of pool nets.

When pool nets are used to secure swimming pools and spas, the view is virtually unobstructed. All-Safe pool nets fit tightly above the water
to provide safety and peace of mind. Pool safety nets allow a clear view of the bottom of the pool and the ambiance is preserved.

Swimming pool nets provide an excellent barrier for small or confined areas. Finding a cover for uniquely shaped pools with rocks, waterfalls,
raised planters, etc, can often be prohibitive, but they usually pose no problem for pool nets.

Pool nets have several advantages over pool fences. Children cannot climb over or under a net pool cover like they may be able to with some
fences. If unwanted pool entry by older children who may be able to gain access even though a fence is in place is a concern, pool nets can
be a viable solution. The pool safety net requires the use of a special tool to open and release the cover. Parent controlled access to this tool
means controlled access to the pool area.

Most Pool nets can be removed in about 5 minutes and replaced in 5 to 10 minutes. Mesh covers can take as much as 30 minutes or more to
remove and replace. Pool nets are light weight and easy to store
NET POOL COVER: How it Works
There is an ever-growing popularity in the safety pool net among safety conscious pool owners. The pool net cover stretches tightly across the
pool, above the water, and prevents unwanted access by infants, toddlers and young children.

The pool safety net utilizes custom hooks and flush brass anchors in the deck to secure the net. A pool net central tensioning system, which
utilizes an All-Safe EZ-RatchetÒ, is used to tighten and release the pool net. The swimming pool net rolls easily onto a lightweight roller and the
pool net is easy for one adult to remove or secure. The roller, which includes wheels, provides for convenient storage of the swimming pool net.

The squares of the pool net are too small for a child’s head or body to fit through and are too large to allow them to jump or play on the pool net.

If a child accidentally falls or attempts to crawl onto the safety pool net, the child’s arms or legs go through the net squares. This prevents them
from advancing further onto the net. The child will typically cry or make other sounds to indicate their distress and the adult guardian can then go
to their aid. As with all safety barriers the net is only to be used as deterrent and the child should never be left alone near the pool.
Pool safety nets have been used worldwide for over 30 years. During this time, swimming pool safety nets have changed and improved in many
ways. Below are a few of the options available.

Pool safety nets are offered with several different size squares including 4 inch, 3.75 inch and 3.5 inch. The safest option for pool safety nets is
the 3.5 inch square, however, the 3.75 inch and 4 inch option can be used if cost is the primary concern. 3.5 inch squares meet ASTM

All-Safe pool safety nets are available in blue or black. Black pool safety nets have a sophisticated look while blue pool safety nets offer a more
“fun” look. Both colors offer the same level of safety.

There are a few anchoring options for swimming pool safety nets. All-Safe recommends the use of a flush anchor for safety and aesthetic
reasons. There are other types of anchors available but try to avoid any that are raised above the surface of the deck.

Swimming pool safety nets must be tensioned in order to be safe. The best tensioning device available on the market today is called a central
tensioning system (CTS). There are other ways to tension pool safety nets but none compare to a CTS.
NET POOL COVER: Installation
The installation of pool netting requires patience, skill and lots of experience. When installed properly, pool netting will look fantastic and provide
an excellent layer of safety.

The installation process of pool netting begins with the layout. After a careful review of the pool area, the pool deck is marked for drilling. ¾”
holes are drilled approximately every 28 inches. These holes are drilled with a water-cooled coredrill utilizing a diamond tipped corebit. The
resulting holes are very precise. Flush mounted deck anchors are placed into these holes which hold and support the pool netting.

After the anchors have been installed, the pool netting is stretched tightly across the pool. Stainless steel clips are attached to the swimming
pool netting and these clips then attach to the flush anchors. After the pool netting has been pulled tight, the net is cut to the same shape as the
pool. The perimeter of the swimming pool netting is then wrapped twice to create a border.

Once the wrapping of the border is complete, the central tensioning cord anchors are installed. The central tensioning system (CTS) is then
used to create tension or relax the tension of the pool netting material.
NET POOL COVER: Applications
As conscientious pool owners become more and more aware of the options in pool safety, the swimming pool net is becoming a popular

A swimming pool net will provide an excellent barrier to prevent unwanted entry into the swimming pool or spa. A swimming pool net can be
used on almost any pool and can be installed over varied surfaces and elevations. Pools that have raised spas or multiple levels of decking
pose no problem for a swimming pool net. Even rocks and waterfalls can usually be accommodated.

In areas where the pool is very close to the house or the patio doors open within steps of the pool water, the swimming pool net is a good
choice for pool safety. The risk of a child accessing a pond or fountain can also be minimized with a swimming pool net. If there is a place to
install the anchors to hold the net, a net can be installed.

A special net roller is used for storage and for when the net is not in use. One adult can typically remove and roll the net onto a roller in about 5
minutes and replace it in about 5 to 10 minutes. A swimming pool net allows for a clear view across and to the bottom of the pool so the
ambiance is preserved.
Access to swimming pools or spas that are secured with swimming pool nets is faster and more convenient than pools
that are secured with other types of safety covers. Swimming pool nets are much lighter in weight than most covers and
secure more simply to the surface around the pool’s edge. Swimming pool nets can usually be removed, by one adult, in a
matter of minutes. The replacement of swimming pool nets usually takes one adult just slightly longer than the removal. A
central tensioning system built into the net itself is used to make the net fit tightly across the pool and to keep it suspended
above the water.

It is important to follow certain safety rules when swimming pool nets are being used. Never leave partially removed
swimming pool nets on any pool or spa. This rule applies during pool maintenance as well as when the pool is in use for
swimming. Swimming pool nets should always be completely removed and rolled onto a roller for storage until they are
replaced over the pool. Partially removed swimming pool nets can pose a danger to adults as well as children and even to

When properly used, swimming pool nets provide an excellent barrier of safety for children and adults of all ages.
An All-Safe pool safety net cover provides
a safe and secure barrier, significantly
reducing the possibility of unwanted entry.