• Operates and locks from either side of
the fence
• Can be keyed-alike (by a locksmith) to
most household doors
• 6-pin security lock
• Stainless Steel components

New Lokk•Latch PRO is simply the
most sophisticated and convenient
privacy and security gate latch ever
devised. Best of all, it’s quick and
simple to install on all gate and fence
materials. It’s ideal for metal, wood and
vinyl gates!
This quality, two-part latch can be
operated and locked from both sides of
the gate, and can be conveniently keyed-
alike to any door by way of a high-
security, 6-pin lock
MAGNA•LATCH safety gate latches are a revolutionary
breakthrough in latching security for most gates around
swimming pools, homes and other child safety areas
(childcare centers).
Powered by the latest ‘Permanent Magnets’ (which never
lose power) these quality latches incur no mechanical
interference to closure and so offer unprecedented
reliability, safety and child resistance.

All latches adapt readily to most new or existing gates of
any material – metal, wood or vinyl. Two models are key-
lockable for added safety.

• Magnetically triggered
(self-latching, no jamming)
• Highly child resistant
• Key lockable (2 models)
• Meets Pool Safety Standards
• Fits new and existing gates