Vinyl Pool Covers

General Information:
Vinyl pool covers have been in use for several decades. Vinyl pool covers provide a wide range of benefits and can be quite easy to remove and
replace depending on the style that you choose. The benefits of vinyl pool covers include safety, reduced need for maintenance, protection from
leaves and debris and energy savings. The two biggest drawbacks to vinyl pool covers are that they can be more expensive than other covers
and are not feasible in all applications. If safety is your number one concern, net pool covers or pool fences are less costly and more versatile.

If you want a pool cover that operates will the turn of a key then vinyl pool covers are your best choice. Vinyl pool covers can run on a track and be
electrically operated. All-Safe also offers vinyl pool covers that are not automatic which reduces the cost of the cover. The material used for vinyl
pool covers does not allow water to pass through which helps reduce evaporation and helps maintain the temperature of the pool. Vinyl pool
covers will usually pay for themselves over several years in energy savings.
A vinyl pool cover is a desirable option in pool safety today. A vinyl pool cover has many advantages over other pool safety barriers and All-Safe
has a vinyl pool cover that has many advantages over competitive brands.

Automatic is the most desirable feature of a vinyl pool cover. With the turn of a key, the pool cover slides over the pool providing a secure barrier
for safety. In addition, the vinyl cover seals out leaves and debris, keeping your pool sparkling clean. Evaporation is eliminated with the use of a
vinyl pool cover and heat loss is reduced. A vinyl pool cover insulates the pool and helps it retain heat that has been absorbed by the sun's rays
during the day.

The automatic vinyl pool cover comes in a variety of colors to harmonize with or accent the decor of your exterior and landscape.

Both safety and maintenance can we addressed with the vinyl pool cover. However, not all pools are designed to accommodate a vinyl pool
cover. A vinyl pool cover is best suited to simply shaped, single level deck pools.

This type of pool cover is also available in a non-automatic version called a manual pool cover. Although the cover is not automatic, the key
advantage is that the shape of the cover does not need to be rectangular allowing the cover to be used on a greater variety of pool shapes.
Automatic Pool Cover
How It Works:
The ease of use of the automatic pool cover makes is a much sought after option for pool safety and maintenance. The automatic pool cover is
best suited to simply shaped pools with single level decking.

Tracks that run in a straight line are utilized to transport the automatic pool cover over the pool. If you are building a new pool, you can arrange
for these tracks to be installed under the coping but the tracks for an automatic pool cover must be mounted on the surface of the deck on
existing pools. Therefore, adequate decking must be available to accommodate the tracks

A key switch controls the automatic pool cover and the operation is effortless. The automatic pool cover can be enclosed in a redwood bench
when it is rolled up. These benches can provide an attractive storage solution for your automatic pool cover. During the construction phase, an
underground vault can be built to house the motor and cover.

Vinyl pool covers are also available in semi-automatic, manual, and snap-down versions. The semi-automatic cover is manually pulled closed
and automatically opened. The manual cover is opened and closed without the use of a motor. The snap-down cover does not use tracks and
is shaped to the contour of your pool.
Inground Pool Cover
A vinyl pool cover is often referred to as an inground pool cover. There are numerous options to choose from when considering an inground
pool cover. The inground pool cover choices offered by All-Safe include the automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and snapdown pool cover.

The automatic inground pool cover runs on two parallel tracks and is operated automatically by a motor. This type of cover is the easiest to use
but is also the most expensive.

The semi-automatic vinyl pool cover also runs on two parallel tracks and is closed via a motor, however, the cover is opened manually. This
type of cover is still quite easy to use while costing less than a fully automatic cover.

The manual inground pool cover does not use a motor at all. Opening and closing of the cover is handled via a roller with a crank. The manual
inground pool cover can run on tracks or be snapped down around the perimeter. The main advantage of a snap-down cover is that the pool
cover can be the same shape as your pool, even if irregular. A snap down cover does not run on tracks.
Automatic Pool Covers
The installation of a vinyl pool cover requires training, patience and experience. When installed properly, a vinyl pool cover will look fantastic
and provide an excellent layer of safety.

There are various types of vinyl pool covers but automatic pool covers require the most attention to detail. The installation process of automatic
pool covers begins with an official measurement. From the measurements, a custom sized pool cover is manufactured. Once the cover has
been delivered, the installation may begin.

Automatic pool covers can be incorporated into the design of pools. When this is the case, automatic pool covers can be recessed into
underground vaults. Automatic pool covers that are installed in a vault require special consideration during the building of the pool. Please
speak with your pool builder regarding automatic pool covers prior to building the pool.

For existing pools, the vinyl pool cover is installed using one of two methods; snap-down anchors or track. For snap-down anchor installations,
the cover is attached to the deck using a small snap-down anchor. Automatic or semiautomatic covers require that two parallel tracks be
installed for the cover to slide through.
Electric Pool Covers
As conscientious homeowners become more aware of their options in pool safety and pool maintenance, they are choosing to build pools that
will accommodate an electric pool cover.

An electric pool cover is best suited to a rectangular or simply shaped pool with single level decking, since the cover must slide over the pool on
straight parallel tracks. These tracks can be installed under the coping during the construction of a new pool.

On existing pools, however, the tracks for an electric pool cover are mounted on the surface of the pool decking. An electric pool cover can be
used on pools that are irregular in shape if there is enough decking around the pool to accommodate the tracks.

The motor for the electric pool cover can be housed in an underground vault in the case of new construction. If the pool has already been built,
the cover can utilize an above ground bench for storage.

In addition to being easy to use, the electric pool cover provides an excellent layer of safety. The electric pool cover will also conserve energy as
it cuts chemical costs and reduces heating bills.
Electric Pool Covers
Pool Access:
Electric pool covers offer the most convenient access to the pool water. With the simple turn of a key, pool owners can open or close their
electric pool covers. Easy access to the pool water makes pool maintenance go more smoothly and encourages more frequent swims.

Strength or dexterity is not required to operate electric pool covers and they are often the choice of pool owners who require pool therapy or have
family members who require therapy. Electric pool covers are ideal for lap pools that may get daily use.

Not all pools, however, are well suited to utilizing electric pool covers. Straight tracks are necessary to transport the cover over the pool and not
all pools have enough decking to accommodate the tracks.

In addition, the tracking system cannot be used when the pool has multiple levels or extremely irregularly surfaced decking. Some freeform
shapes also eliminate the possibility of using electric pool covers .

In the case of new pool construction, all these factors can be considered during the design phase and the tracks can be mounted under the
coping. Communicate your desires to your pool builder and then contact All-Safe Pool Safety Barriers. All-Safe is the sure choice for electric pool
Our vinyl pool covers provide a protective
barrier for the safety of your family and cannot
be removed by most children under the age of 12.